Forming Non-Forming Roll Stock

Forming Non Forming Roll Stock

Our films are specially designed into a broad range of PA/ PE/ EVOH based thermoforming films with remarkable formability for deep draw applications. Most advanced and high-quality film lines and raw materials are used for the manufacturing of these films, which helps in down reducing the forming film’s thickness while giving output equivalent to that of a thicker film.

Thermoforming Films

  • The ample amount of oxygen transmission rates ensure a prolonged shelf life of the packed product
  • Remarkable barrier against moisture, gas, oxygen, and aroma
  • Superior Forming and deep – draw properties
  • Maintains strength at freezing temperatures
  • These thermoforming films are resistant to high temperature
  • A vast range of sealing properties
  • Special seal layer – Seals at low temperatures through liquid products
  • Highly resistant to puncture and excellent mechanical properties even at low thickness
  • Easy to peel, anti-fog properties, UV & special coating

Retail, industrial, and convenience packaging

FOOD PACKAGING: Dairy | Dried Food | Thermoforming Cooking Film for Snacks | Tea & Coffee | Confectionery & Bakery | Processed, Frozen & Hot Food | Soups & Sauces | Thermoforming Cooking Films for Ready-to-Eat Food | Thermoforming Cooking Films for Meat, Poultry & Sea Food | Pickle | Spices & Flour | Aromatic Products | Pet Food & Specialty Products

NON-FOOD & INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING: Industrial Products | Metal & Electronics Component | Pharmaceutical, Medical & Health care | Cosmetics & Laundry | Home & Personal Care | Adhesive, Resins & chemical Garden & Agriculture Packaging | Feed, Seed & Agro Products | Specialty & Technical Products

  • Print technology: Windmöller & Holscher Aquarex (7 Layer)
  • Structure: MB-Medium Barrier, HB-High Barrier, HT-High temperature resistance, LF-Laminated Films
  • Film Thickness: 60-300 microns
  • Print: Single color logo prints & 9 colors
  • Options: Clear, Pigmented, and Tinted Forming Roll Stock & Non-Forming Roll Stock