Lidding Films

Lidding Films

Our Lidding films offer high-quality lamination and contain up to 7-layers, co-extruded, flexible barrier films. Various efficient substrates such as PVC, PS, PET, PP, PE, and Aluminum match the high-caliber sealing properties of our Lidding Films. We provide lidding films with ‘easy-peel’, advanced sealing layers, and anti-fog properties. In order to increase the shelf life and preserve the freshness of a product, we ensure the usage of a 7-layer PA/EVOH which provides an advanced barrier layer to our lidding films. These Lidding films guarantee absolute performance on various types of automatic machines. Our Lidding films are ideally used for Top Web films, Map tray lidding films, flow pack applications, and all thermoform-fill seal lines.

Perfect for Lidding of Trays

Features of Lidding Films

The ample amount of oxygen and moisture transmission rates ensure a prolonged shelf life

  • Extremely transparent and glossy
  • The remarkable power of aroma retention
  • Highly resistant to puncture, hot tack, and optimal sealing property
  • Incredible strength and excellent mechanical properties even at minimal thickness
  • These films retain strength at freezing temperature levels and offer high-temperature resistance
  • Easy to peel, anti-fog properties, UV and special coating
  • Our lidding films offer a vast range of easy and convenient lock seal options that contain substrates including PP, PE, PVC, PET, Aluminum, and PS. The seal layer on our lidding films efficiently seals at low temperatures

Retail, industrial, and convenience packaging

FOOD PACKAGING: Solid, Liquid & Semi Liquid Food | Dairy | Dried Food | Snacks | Tea & Coffee | Chocolates, Confectionery & Bakery | Processed, Frozen & Hot Food | Soups & Sauces | Ready-to-Eat Food | Meat, Poultry & Sea Food | Pickle, Pulp & Puree | Spices & Flour | Aromatic Products | Pet Food & Specialty Products

NON-FOOD & INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING: Industrial Products | Metal & Electronics Component | Pharmaceutical, Medical & Health care | Cosmetics & Laundry | Home & Personal Care | Adhesive, Resins & chemical | Currency | Industrial oil | Garden & Agriculture Packaging | Feed, Seed & Agro Products | Specialty & Technical Products

Specs of Lidding Films
  • Print technology: Windmöller & Holscher Aquarex (7 Layer)
  • Structure: MB-Medium Barrier, HB-High Barrier, HT-High temperature resistance, LF-Laminated Films, Top Web Films
  • Film Thickness: 30-250 microns
  • Print: Single color logo prints & 9 colors
  • Options: Natural, Pigmented & Tinted