Vertical Form Fill Seal Films

Vertical Form Fill Seal Films

The most preferred choice when it comes to retaining and preserving the taste, aroma, flavor, color, texture, and integrity of your liquid, dry, frozen, or refrigerated products is our high barrier PA/ EVOH based flexible packaging film. It is an ultimate requirement of the dynamic packaging marketplace that it gets high-quality, superior, and feasible barrier films that cater to the perfect protection needs as well as ensure to be aesthetically appealing.

Barrier Films (VFFS Films)

Features of VFFS Barrier Films
  • The ample amount of oxygen transmission rates ensure a prolonged shelf life of the packed product
  • Remarkable barrier against moisture & gas
  • Highly resistant to oil and solvents and Remarkable power of aroma retention
  • Low chances of leakage and a higher filling rate hence more profitable
  • Remarkable mechanical properties even at low thickness, greatly cost-effective
  • Outstanding hot tack, sealing properties & higher temperature resistance vertical form fill seal films
  • Optimal strength allows reducing the thickness and Superior Stiffness
  • Higher temperature resistance VFFS films
  • Excellent printability – attractive packaging with paper films for form feal seal (FFS) for dry fruits

Retail, industrial and convenience Barrier Film Packaging

FOOD PACKAGING: Solid, Liquid & Semi Liquid Food | Dairy | Milk | UHT Milk | Edible oil & Clarified Butter | Soups & Sauces | Dried Food | Snack Food | Tea & Coffee | Chocolates, Cereals, Confectionery & Bakery | Processed, Frozen & Hot Food | Ready to Eat Food | Meat, Poultry & Sea Food | Pickle, Pulp & Puree | Spices & Flour | Aromatic Products | Pet Food | Specialty Products

NON-FOOD & INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING: Industrial Packaging | Pharmaceutical, Medical & Health care | Cosmetics & Laundry | Home & Personal Care | Feed, seed & Agro products | Garden & Agriculture Packaging | Adhesive, Resins & Chemical | Industrial oil | Specialty & Technical films

Technical Specifications of Barrier Films
  • Print Technology: Windmöller & Holscher Aquarex (7 Layer)
  • Structure: MB-Medium Barrier, HB-High Barrier, HT-High temperature resistance, LF-Laminated Films
  • Film Thickness: 40-250 microns
  • Print: Single color logo prints & 9 colors
  • Options: Natural, Pigmented & Tinted