Woven Polypropylene WPP Bags

Woven Polypropylene WPP Bags

Woven polypropylene bags are created by taking thin strips or threads of poly and weaving them together in opposite directions to form a strong, lightweight material. It’s a jagged material that is highly resistant to chemicals, acids, and bases Plastic Woven Bag Manufacturers. These bags come in use for agricultural product packaging, food packaging, geotechnical engineering, tourism & transport, daily necessities, flood control products and special woven bags. Find out more variety of packaging materials including Polyethylene Bags (PE) and BOPP Bags and a lot more exclusively available at OmegaPack.


Polypropylene also referred to as polyprotein, is a thermoplastic resin material created by the polymerization of propylene. It’s a jagged material that is highly resistant to chemicals, acids, and bases. These are some of the properties that make it such great material for industrial uses of polypropylene plastic containers.

Woven polypropylene bags are created by taking thin strips or threads of poly and weaving them together in opposite directions to form strong wpp sacks., lightweight material. This process is important while creating useful items like bags in large quantities Plastic Woven Bag Manufacturers.

It’s an extremely eco-friendly fabric. It can be recycled and made into other products as well. Even though they last lifelong and can be used many times to reduce your demand for single-use products. Woven polypropylene bags can last between four and five years if properly used.

WPP Sacks

50 kg polypropylene bag supplier is also available and Printing on woven polypropylene is extremely easy as it is used in posters a lot due to ease of printing the user can print anything ranging from some basic text to something as complicated as a multi-color picture with the help of BOPP lamination.
Woven polypropylene is an amazing fabric to print on. You can choose normal printing such as an image with three colors or simple brand text, with full-color printing and Biaxial-oriented polypropylene lamination Plastic Woven Bag Manufacturers.

Biaxial-oriented polypropylene laminated woven polypropylene bags are best for use in graphic and digitally created artwork. BOPP bags are perfect as they provide 100% print coverage which does not limit the consumer’s creativity.

Applications of woven polypropylene bag
  • Agricultural product packaging

Polypropylene woven bags are largely used in transporting and storing agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, feeds, etc. These bags are extremely popular in the agricultural industry and are the packaging of choice for different products. For this purpose chemical PP woven bags, feed PP woven bags, fertilizer PP woven bags, fruit mesh bags, and vegetable woven bags are used. Food packaging.

  • Food packaging

The use of Propylene woven bags to pack food is increasing each year. These bags are used to store and transport products like rice flour, maize, corn flour, corn starch, etc.

  • Geotechnical engineering

Polypropylene woven fabrics are extensively used in the construction industry in roads, railways, irrigation works, buildings, ports, mines, and more. Having the functions of draining, filtering, isolation, and anti-seepage, Propylene woven fabric is amongst the most popular geosynthetics.

  • Tourism and transport

Temporary tents, travel bags, and sunshades can be made by using Polypropylene woven fabrics. In addition, plastic woven fabrics can also be used as screens and fences during construction.

  • Daily necessities

Polypropylene woven bags are one of the most highly used products used by everyone, whether farmers or cargo agents, etc. You can find plastic woven products (such as shopping bags etc.) in stores, houses, and warehouses pretty much nearly everywhere.

  • Flood control products

Polypropylene woven bags play an important role in reducing or somewhat preventing the effects of floodwaters. It is excessively used in the construction of dams, roads, riverbanks, and railways. Woven PP sandbags are worldwide.

  • Specially woven bags

Specially woven bags are used to serve specific purposes. For example, UV resistant woven bags have UV protection and anti-aging function, allowing them a longer lifespan in the sunlight.

Unique Features of woven polypropylene bag
  • WPP Bags allow the contents to breathe through the woven pattern.
  • Woven Polypropylene Bags are reusable.
  • Woven Polypropylene Bags don’t degrade when wet.
  • WPP Bags are naturally resistant to tearing.
  • WPP Bags can be laminated.
  • WPP Bags can be printed on both sides.
  • WPP Bags have better strength compared to plastic bags.
  • WPP Bags can be partially transparent for better presentation.
  • WPP Bags can be gusseted on the sides to accommodate bulky items easily.